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    "Simulation : Failed" when using countersunk screw 'bolt connectors'

    Christopher Thorn

      I'm trying to simulate what would happen when a bar is clamped between two spinning rotor discs.


      Here's the assembly I'm using:




      It's a 7.5° 'slice' with circular symmetry applied.


      I've added two countersunk screws - one either end of the bar - and applied a torque preload to them.


      Every time I try and run the simulation, within a few seconds it just stops and says "Simulation : Failed".


      I was experiencing this error on another more complex model, so I created this simplified version to see if it was a problem/corruption in the files I was using. But the issue with the bolt connectors remains.


      If I get rid of the bolt connectors and use something else (e.g. a rigid connector) the problem goes away and the simulation runs OK.


      I've attached the assembly in the hope someone might be able to find out what's causing the problem.


      Thanks for your help,



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          Jared Conway

          version/service pack? works fine in 2014 sp4.0


          i thought it could be because of the bolts, suppressed them and switched to bonded, worked fine

          went back, ran without issue

          could be the cyclic symmetry. this isn't a cyclic symmetry case. it is a standard symmetry case. you may need to just replace with normal restraints on those faces instead. (depends on version and service pack, older versions would let you apply symmetry to a slice. this currently isn't supported in 2014)

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              Christopher Thorn

              Ah sorry, 2014 SP4.0.


              I did try it with normal hex bolts as well, and that failed in the same way - immediately after the solver says it's calculating the "cyclic symmetry pairs" (or something like that).


              I guess I'm a bit confused then. I assumed this was a pretty clear case of cyclic symmetry, my reasoning being that the 7.5° slice is repeated 48 times about the central axis of the model. The illustrative picture SolidWorks shows you for standard symmetry does not appear to represent what I am looking for.


              When you say "went back, ran without issue", do you mean you switched back to bolt connectors and kept the cyclic symmetry fixtures?


              Sorry if I'm missing something! I appreciate you taking the time to have a look at the model and reply.