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    Retain Mesh in Cloned Case?

    Matthew Brown

      Does anybody know if there is a way to clone a case and retain the mesh? I tried to select 'copy results' when I cloned the case, which indeed does copy the mesh over. However, when I change  the freestream velocity from 0kts to 120 kts it will not allow me to run the file without remeshing. I realize that the mesher tries to optimize the mesh based on this change of parameters, but I put a lot of work into optimizing my original mesh and I want to keep it for this case as I feel it is adequate. It wouldn't be a big deal if the remeshing process returned cell counts that were in the same order of magnitude as the original cloned case, however, I am seeing a jump in cell count of over 500% with only the change to freestream velocity. This makes my comparison of the 0kts vs 120kts cases troublesome since one has significantly higher fidelity than the other.  It's an apple's to oranges type conundrum.   Any advicewould be welcome.


      Before you ask, no I cannot upload any files or screenshots from this project.  It is ITAR restricted.

      -Matt B

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          Jared Conway

          can you elaborate on your mesh setup and what you mean by optimization? have you just set global settings, local controls, are you using mesh adaptive...etc?


          where exactly are you changing the freestream velocity? in the initial settings?


          if you clone and don't change anything, does it still remesh or does it run properly?


          my first thought is that it may be remeshing because it thinks you are changing something in the model. how solid is your model? what version/service pack? are you cloning to a new config or same config?


          my second is if you aren't using manual mesh yet, you should switch to that which will basically lock down the settings. and turn off adaptive if you are using it. otherwise you are asking the software to change the mesh based on the problem.

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            Matthew Brown

            When I say optimize I mean that I spent a lot of time assigning local intial meshes and tweaking the settings and performing my own mesh sensitivity study until I got the software to give me a mesh that I felt was half-way decent.  I have seen what comes out of the automesh and I want nothing to do with it.  I thought I had the adaptive option turned off because it hasn't been refining my mesh during a run.  Perhaps I did not actually turn that off, I can check on this in a few days perhaps.


            The freestream velocity was changed in the only place it is defined, the initial settings.  Is there some other way to do this?  I supose I should mention that this is an external flow case.


            No, I can clone and leave it as is and everything stays the same.


            Model is 100% solid where it should be and empty space where it shouldn't.  I spent several days cleaning, fixing and tweaking the CAD to get a usable model.


            As I said, I will check the adaptive mesh setting when I have a chance.  It may be a few days, but I will repost once I do.