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Want to drive a data card tab selection with dispatch when adding a file to the vault.

Question asked by Jeff Thomas on Sep 19, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2014 by Jeff Thomas

I have a PDF data card setup with tabs for specific types of PDF files. I want the appropriate tab to be selected automatically when the file is added to the vault. We have created a folder where all "Calibration Certifications" will be saved. I want to use dispatch to look for the path, determine that it is for Cal Certs and write "Calibration"  to the PDF_TAB variable which would then activate the correct tab. We currently have a dispatch written that looks for certain paths which will cause the skipping of "file rename to serial number" portion of the code. I thought I could add a "Set Card Variable" function that would write the name to the variable which would then select the tab. Has anyone ever done something like this? When I tried it, the variable was not written to the card. The next thing I try will be to write a dispatch for each PDF file type to see if that works better.


Thanks for the advice