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SWX 2014 bugs in Multi Language. Help required.

Question asked by Brian Corbin on Sep 19, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2014 by Jerry Steiger

OK so this is a long shot, but maybe someone has seen this same problem before and might have a solution.... Its a major pain in the a$$ here.


So Im working in Germany for a German company, and have SWX 2014 German edition installed. Since my Deutsch is not soooo flash I have selected the option to enable english menus. All went good (Or so I thought)


I have created many standard templates of machines that are copied by the users into projects, these include models and drawings with BOMS of sheetmetal items (often multibody part files) everything has been going well and many many files are completed.


One of my co-workers used a Copy-tree function on the template for his project and slightly modified the model and updated the drawings. This is where the issue was seen, and beleive me it took a LONG time to find out why the hell the problem was!


When I open his drawing with my computer (english menus turned on) the drawing BOM looks great. When we open the same drawing on his computer the BOM for the sheetmetal parts displays the formula NOT the result and looks like crap....


We can re-produce this just by turning on and off the english menus..... Bloody weird!


This only seems to have issues with Sheetmetal properties like length, width, thickness etc etc.


I dont/cant use the Deutsch version of SWX and they dont/cant use the english version, and nobody wants to have to swap all the time just to make a print etc, its a blimmen nightmare. Its really holding up the project here and hundreds maybe even thousands of my hours work have become next to useless because the others cant have the BOM display correctly without jumping through a lot of time consuming hoops....

See attached images, both created on the same computer, from the same drawing with english menus on, then off.


Anyone seen the same thing and have a good solution or workaround? Hellllppppppppp!!!