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Swept geometry without Minimum Twist option

Question asked by Jody Stiles Employee on Sep 18, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2014 by Aaron Godwin



I'm looking for some input or use cases where you would want to not use the Minimum Twist option under Path alignment type in Sweep.  Is there a case for actually wanting to leave the random twisting in a Sweep when not using the Twist Along Path or Twist Along Path With Normal Constant?  Let's say we were able to fix the seemingly random twists that sometimes happen with sweep and no longer needed the Minimum Twist option since it would always have minimum twist.  Would any of your designs be negatively impacted without the random twisting/kinking?


The images below show examples of Minimum Twist off and then on

No Minimum Twist.png

Minimum Twist.png


As you can see, Minimum Twist removes the nasty kinking in the 3D Sweep.


Thanks for you help and insight.