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Option in SW assemblies for restricting movement when trying to see if assembly will fit inside another larger assembly?

Question asked by Dave Krum on Sep 19, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2014 by Dave Krum

Good morning All,

The shop foreman asked me if I could model something for him to save him the trouble of doing a real-life fitup and find out too late that something won't fit inside and has to be air-arced out (tacking not an option in this case).  I'm fairly new to SW, especially the assembly aspect.  I've attached the pack&go zip file along with a screenshot.  Basically, he has the entire shell/box welded up complete with the top flanges in place.  There is an inner plate assembly that must fit inside at each end.  These are all mostly smaller pieces but there are alot of full pen welds and he prefers to weld complete the 2 piece assembly I have floating off to top of box assembly.  He wants to know if this 2 piece weldment will be able to fit inside the box by tilting / pivoting it into place and said it will be very tight.  I suppressed the last 3 mates which show the way it must sit to be welded to the 2 upright inner rib plates after all is said and done.  I'm note sure that SW has this capability.  I am aware of collision detection under the move command but is there a possibility of trying to move this 2 piece assembly into place and tell SW that once its inside box, constrain the assembly from hitting any of the sides by limiting its degrees of freedom and the underside of flanges, etc to simulate the real life situation?  Just looking for a little insight.  Thanks in advance!