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Running SW on MacBook Pro

Question asked by Mark Biasotti on Sep 19, 2014

I realize that this has been discussed many times before but now I'm in the hot seat on this issue. I just joined a Product Development company where they have issued everyone a MacBook Pro Running Parallels and SW2013 and SW2014.  Running SW2013 is okay but SW2014, for some reason, looks horrible both the viewport graphics and the SW fonts, icons and UI, never mind no RealView.  It also runs noticeable slow than on a Win Machine in Parrallels. I'm investigating Bootcamp. I am extremely frustrated that I have been forced into this situation but I have no choice; it was not my decision.


My question is, there are a number of settings and tweaks on Parallels, Windows and SW appearance and configurations that could possibility make my situation better. Anyone who is running SW on a MacBook with the Retina display and has documented success, I would greatly appreciate knowing what you have done to overcome the graphic and performance issues of running SW.