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Staircase Manufacturing Problem (Equal depth holes on a slope)

Question asked by Joe Holewski on Sep 18, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2014 by Jamil Snead

Hey Guys & Girls


Im Designing a staircase in solidworks and i need to Add Spindle Holes into the stringer (the side piece of a stair that holds up the treads)

Ive Designed Dozens of staircases in solidworks but usually only for a customer Visual, and not for manufacturing. which means i can "hide"  spindles inside of a stringer without having to cut holes.


My issue now is that i need to do a solidworks animation that shows our manufacturing process which means that i have to now cut holes into the stringers for the spindles.

The stringer in this in particular design is curved and sloping. im going to have to cut possibly 30-40 spindles into the stringer. i need the holes to be about 0.5" deep and 0.5x0.5" square.  i cannot work out how to do this because the height is decreasing and is curving around. is there a pattern that will do this for me???


thankyou in advance for your time.