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Drag and drop moves DB version of file, not local version

Question asked by Richard Nord on Sep 18, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2014 by Jeremiah Davis

We experienced the following situation today:


A VB .exe file package was checked in on 2/17/2014

Same file package was checked out on 9/17/2014 and modified. 

The .exe and related files were dragged and dropped to a location outside of the PDM (no check in occurred, the files were still checked out)

The modified version of the .LNG files (and perhaps others) did not make it with the drag and drop.  Instead, the versions checked in on 2/17/2014 were dragged and dropped.

In other words, the drag and drop resulted in a move of the database version of the files, not the local version.


We're wondering, is there a reason that the modified versions of the files were not relocated?  Is it because of the type of file it is, or does this affect other types of files as well?  We have not noticed it happening with other file types.


Thanks in advance for any help.