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Importing electrical To-From list selects ALL assembly connection points (including unused ones) and adds stubs?

Question asked by Joe Spencer on Sep 18, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2014 by Joe Spencer

In a rant from 2009 someone stated this problem about To-From lists in routing add-in:


"3. When importing from a from-to list is used, whenever ANY route is started in that route subassembly, ALL connection points in the entire assembly, including those connection points that are on components in the top-level assembly or other route assemblies, are added to the route."

I am running into this problem now.  I have a nice electronics box assembly with 20 parts and 60+ connection points. I import a to-from list for 10 of those points and it automatically selects ALL of the connection points in the assembly, even if they are not called out in the to-from list. This bogs down the computer, generates small stubs when you complete the route and then you have to go in and delete the extra stubs in sketch mode. I can't figure out how to keep this from happening without suppressing the extra assembly components before importing the list, and then unsuppressing them later, which is unacceptable and a pain.


Does anyone know how to prevent this? did I just miss a simple check box?