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The Carnival Has Left Town

Question asked by Jerry Kassil on Sep 18, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2014 by Anthony Bear

A big thank you to everyone that was part of CarnivalWorks last night. I think the consensus is that we all had a great time. For those of you that missed it, all I can say is that you missed a great event. Beckett Gas was a huge sponsor for us. They provided the facility and prizes as well as half of the catering expenses. The leadership at Beckett has always been very supportive and they stepped up big time to help us make this happen. SOLIDWORKS as always was there to provide support for our group. Genus Software put up a full license of their software for the raffle in addition to sponsoring the group. The first ever Model Mania competition held at a user group meeting was also a home run. Out of approximately 45 users that attended, 27 took on Mark Schneider's challenge. That's about 60% of the attendees, which is amazing. Christopher Boron took first place followed by Craig Riedel and Richard Cook. Thank you again Mark for taking the time from your busy schedule to be with us and facilitating the challenge. Tim Dundr earned his keep as he presented What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2015 three times during the evening. In my opinion, he was looking a little punchy there in the end. There was a lot of activity in the partner pavilion made up of 3DVision , Fisher-Unitech, Genus Software, and  CADSharp. They had 3D printing, laptops loaded with SOLIDWORKS 2015 that you could test drive, design automation demonstrations and an opportunity to talk about the API. Hopefully everyone got a chance to chat with them during the evening. Baxter the robot was a popular stop for everyone; it was fun to see Scott Krueger and Don Stahl put him through his paces. Judging from all the balloon hats, Janice the clown definitely made the rounds as she entertained everyone. Food was provided by Well Done Catering and there wasn't much left over even though our attendance was just a bit short of expectations. There were also lots of prizes given away in Carnival Alley by Jordan Tadic, Drew Hargett and Richard Ballas; the big prizes were raffled off toward the end of the evening. Sorry if I missed someone or something, the evening was packed full.


Please feel free to reply with any comments you may want to share with everyone and look for posts regarding the next meeting. We are targeting the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Let us know what you would like to see and do.

Again, thank you everyone.

Craig and Jerry