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Preventing Duplicate Filenames

Question asked by Matthew Miller on Sep 18, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2014 by Jeremiah Davis

Basically I am trying to create a part numbering system and prevent users having the ability to create numbers which are already used or incorrect.


I have my templates set up as I want.  It will basically take the project number folder card variable "123456" and add it to the "serial number" data card variable "001" resulting in the part number "123456 001".  The "001" part will be manual user input.  This is for many reasons and has to be this was, I cannot use a automatic serial number but I won't go into this in detail.  The problem is if a user creates two parts and they are both given the "001" suffix, windows will not say "the part already exists", it will literally add another number to the end so what I end up is "123456 001" "123456 0012" and so on.  I have attached a screenshot to show the issue and you will see that the "Number" variable has been assigned and yet the filename has been given a different number as this number already exists.  I am aware that the vault will check all numbers are unique on check in "as I have this option set".  I need to know if I can prevent windows from automatically adding a suffix in the filename.  I literally want it to tell me the filename already exists, as it would if I was working in windows explorer.  Any help on this would be much appreciated.