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More help with twisted chute please :-)

Question asked by Brian Corbin on Sep 18, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2014 by Brian Corbin

Hi Guys,


I got some wonderful help here last time I was struggling with a twisted sheetmetal chute that got me rocking along well. Now I have a slightly more complicated version and the old way wont work. I managed to make an example as attached but I fell there must be a cleaner/simpler way to achieve this, any advice appreciated!




So last time, Eddy showed me how to use the lofted bend tool to make the sides of my chute, this was clean and tidy and worked very well, In this case though the feature does not seem to work because of the bottom profile sketch is at an angle...?


See the attached sketches part file, this shows 2 sides sketched out in the "triangulation" paths showing the profiles and where the bend lines should be. This was straight forward enough.

In the past I would just use lofted bend command, and pick a top and bottom edge and away I go, now that command generates an error about profiles not being perpendicular.


The other example attached is what I had to do to make the 2 sides. While this worked OK it seems very over complex and far to many features and time consuming....?


Anyone have a better cleaner way to make these folded side plates?


Thanks so much!