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Hem width

Question asked by Alexandre Voute on Sep 18, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2014 by Alexandre Voute

Hi everybody,


I have an issue with hems. I'm trying to create one with a width (along the edge it starts from) lower than the total length of the edge.


- The first picture is what SW gives me by only clicking  on the edge.

- The second one is the sketch which defines this hem. The message box informs the the sketch is valid for creating the hem.

- Finally, the third is what I have by modifying this segment : I tried to reduce the width of the hem by reducing the length of this segment. After taking care of having it completely contrained and fitting the edge, the message box tells me there is still an error (translation : "invalid sketch. There must be only one segment, constrained on the edge of the hem).


Where am I mistaken ?


Thanks for your help,


001-large hem.png

002-line for hem definition.png

003-invalid modified line.png