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Imported igs Model and converting into solids for simulation

Question asked by S. D 4093 on Sep 17, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2014 by Rohit Choudhary


I am relatively novice in Solidworks and have been given a project to simulated a drop test on a shoe model in Solidworks 2014.

Originally the model was imported from igs files for the sole, midshoe and highshoe of the boot.


Each part has an array of surface structures however these are not tightly knitted. I cannot seem to make these into solids or even thicken these parts. There are so many errors and gaps I am very lost.


I am attempting to make these parts into a tight assembly in order to simulate this static force test however am stuck at converting these surface structures into solids.


Can someone guide me on how I could do this, possibly as simply as possible. Some guidance and help would be greatly appreciated.


I have attached each part, and assembly.

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