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Selecting multiple parts causes hang

Question asked by Nick Cruz on Sep 17, 2014

Im not sure how to even explain this problem that I am having but Ill give it a go.  This is happening frequently and is absolutely maddening!


Im using SW 2011 x64 SP4.0


This happens when I work in an assembly.  I will select two or more parts and one of two things happens.  Either the computer hangs for a long time between component selects or, more recently, my excel will flash up on the screen multiple times!  I have been able to see the file that is being opened and it is the 'custom properties' template.


Also, in case it makes a difference, I am noticing that my RAM usage is at 9.25 out of 12 available.


Does anyone have any idea of whats going on here?


Let me know if I did not present enough information and I will get you whatever you need.


Thank you,