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Minimizing Solidworks, can't re-maximize, Solidworks works badly with Windows Aero Themes.

Question asked by Philip Lane on Sep 17, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2014 by Philip Lane

We've been through the mill with this problem and had no joy. I really would like an acknowledgement from Solidworks that this is a known problem, even if  they can't do anything about it due to not being able to change Microsoft's code; if that is what the problem is.

SW interaction with Windows Aero Themes...Yes, that chestnut!.

You minimize SW, and presto, can't re-maximize it. The answer current solution..... change Windows Theme from current Aero to the old Classic.....maximize SW, then change Theme back to an Aero....If that doesn't work, it's a SW process kill and lost work ...not really acceptable. I believe there was another get-around..Alt-TAB and maximize? ..which also didn't always work

Now, we're not getting as many of these as we were, possibly due to new hardware, using SP5 etc, but someone here suffers it every day. Is it Microsoft code that is causing the interaction problem?

RX's aren't possible as they don't run with the current instance of Solidworks and the likelyhood of another occurrence having shutdown SW, invoked an RX in the hope of it happening during the RX session is very low,

Give me a carrot, something, please, so that I can go back to 25 users and say....enough!

Thank you.

Phil Lane.