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    reference point dimensiong in drawing?  Cannot seem to pick these points to dimension to.....

    Dave Krum

      Good morning,

      Can you dimension to reference points on a part?  I've done some searching on this topic and cannot really find much at all.  We have several 36" dia. pipes in our shop that must be handburned to miters.  Our saws will not accomodate a pipe this large.  The shop foreman wants to have dimensions from the square end of the pipe to the heights around the perimeter to create a handburn line.  Basically the distance up from the square end to equally divided points on the circumference.  I was able to use the reference point to put points on pipe but when I try to bring this part into a drawing and dimension to these points, they are not recognized when using the smart dimension.  Any info is much appreciated.  Maybe this cannot be done?  I've attached both my .sldprt and a screenshot of a sample I quickly whipped up.  Thanks in advance.