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How to make drawing templates pull property values from part files

Question asked by Jeffrey Conway on Sep 16, 2014



I have been trying to change our drawing templates so that all the information is pulled from the associated part file. Currently you have to input your property fields (number, description) seperately in both the part file and then again in the drawing. My goal is to make this manual entry of the property fields only have to be done once in the part file, and from there it will be carried over to the drawing and the EPDM data card.


I have set my drawing sheet format to us $PRPSHEET:{DESCRIPTION} so that it pulls the Description property from the part file. The EPDM drawing data cards's Description variable attributes contains both "PRPSHEET - Description, and CustomProperty - Description". I am able to get the sheet format to display the correct description, but it will not update the description property field of the drawing, with the exception of the initial creation of the drawing. Is this possible to do? It is confusing to have the drawing property field not match the face of the drawing. I am using EPDM, so I am not sure if that is throwing a wrench in this process, or if this is just not how SW works.


Thanks for any help you can provide.