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SolidWorks "Addin" - Wait for macro to terminate???

Question asked by Darren Smith on Sep 17, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2014 by Steven Soeder

Can anybody help???


I have a SolidWorks vba macro that, when I run it on its own, works great!!!!


I am calling it through a visual "addin" that I have written/compiled. It does the same thing but runs the macro when the current document, in this case a drawing, is closed.


The output pdf file is incomplete. I think it is because the macro is terminating before it has had the chance to complete.


Has anybody got any idea if it is possible to solve this problem (similar to a "shell and wait" process)


Therefore I need the macro to complete before the actual drawing (slddrw) closes.


I have attached a vb file for reference (I have changed the extension from vb to txt!!!)


Many thanks in advance!!!!