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order of Item in design tree does not match order in BOM on drawing

Question asked by Nick Day on Sep 16, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2014 by Nick Day

I have an item in an assembly which is in the correct place in the order in the design tree. All other items in the design tree are also in the right order.


In the bill of material on the drawing however, the part is out of order. I have deleted and reinserted the bom several times with the same result. I have tried moving the part to another place in the design tree and that doesn't make any difference either.


This part is the seed for a circular component pattern. All quantities in the bill of material are correct, including those for this part.


I always check the "follow design order" box when setting up the bom, and there is only one bom on the drawing. I have also closed Solidworks and rebooted, and when I come back to the drawing I get the same result.


Solidworks 2008.....yes, we're still running it.


Any Ideas?