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    EPDM SETUP - Data Cards

    Stephen Gioacchini

      Hi all, So I am in the process of setting up EPDM with my VAR. One question I have is about library parts and data cards. Currently with workgroup PDM I have a separate library on my network drive which holds everything from our piping fittings library to standard vessels and structural members. (we package natural gas compressors). So I am about to move my library from the network location to the EPDM Vault.

      Do I need to set up a data card for each library part, assembly and drawing file? I already have file properties for these files.
      What is the best way to go about this to do it right the first time?





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          Jeremy Feist

          whatever properties you want to be able to search in your EPDM database need to be on a datacard for that file type and/or location, because one of the functions of the datacard is to pull that information from the file as it is being checked in or added to the vault and push it to the database.


          so, yes, you will want to have (well thought out) datacards created before migrating your data.

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            Greg Rupp

            Hi Stephen, Like Jeremy said, you will want to have each file type associated to a Data Card. You can have a one to one relationship or a one to many... your choice. I would say it's better to go over board with the variable on migration then it is to be short . Make sure you get all your data brought in and then trim back what you don't want.


            I would emphasize the *well thought out* comment.

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                Stephen Gioacchini

                Thanks Guys. I think I agree with the well thought out. I was just told that I can have a data card specific to a folder. So I can have a data card set for project files and a different one that that is only for the library. Good stuff to know.


                If you have any options that you wish you had done to start with I would be glad to hear them.


                Thanks again.

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                    Stephen Lapic

                    There are so many ways you can do this.  Data cards reside in a folder and are used for that folder and all subfolders inside unless they have their own data card.  Each file in that folder and any subfolders would automatically have the card attached to them.  Your data cards will show any variables that you want to attach to that part but does not need to show all variables.  Keep in mind that you can make these super complex or extremely simple.  Also, consider who will be using these cards and how will they be using them.


                    Your card might list the part number, revision, part type, and description.  If this is enough for someone to figure out what the file is then that might be enough.  This would be one card that could be used for all library components.  If your descriptions are not descriptive enough and you find that you have 25 files that say hex bolt then you either need to change how you describe parts or you will need to add more variables.  This could make it that you would need different cards for different library parts type.  These cards would then reside in their unique folders for that particular library part.  If you made a unique card for each type you might also want to have similar search cards for each type.  Having unique cards can be a time consuming operation so make sure that is the route that you need to go before jumping into it.


                    We found that going with a simple card but having a detailed description was the easiest way to go for both understanding the part as well as searching for the part.