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robot inclined plane motion test

Question asked by Chandra Ghimirey on Sep 16, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2015 by Samuel Walsh

hey guys i am trying to do the simulation for this robot for analyzing  the velocity , torque and rpm of motor at different point on the inclined plane .though i can manage to add motor and torque it is not giving the correct answer and the simulation seems wrong due to wrong mate or something

the model is 3 kg which i make by override the weight of body part by 3 kg  and it should climb upto 40 degree.

i need to test following things

  • torque testing (theoretically i found 2.5Nm is enough but need to check on simulation)
  • velocity at different distance
  • rpm of motor suitable (theoretically i found 60rpm suitable  for our  design criteria is enough but need to check on simulation)

somehow when i input the motor rpm or torque on the wheels  it hardly goes up and even i increase to max value it wont go up .something wrong with mates or something . can u guys check the design and mate and what is the way to do it