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    Need help regarding UI of my SOLIDWORKS

    Cee Jay García

      Good Afternoon SOLIDWORKS Community,

      Can you help me regarding this matter?, i having a hard a time figure it out what happen in my user interface (see photos with annotation)
      whenever i open a part/drawing/assembly template, it always appear, is this normal or a glitch? by the way it doesnt affect the performance.

      thanks in advance.



      prt scrn.jpg

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          Richard Bremmer

          I think it's a videocard glitch, you could try another certified driver if the one you are using is a certified one.

          Start SolidWorks RX and click on the tab "diagnostics" it should tell you if there is a certified driver available for your configuration and if you are using a certified driver or not. It can download the correct driver directly or sometimes only link to the download page where you have to choose the correct configuration yourself.