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Why are my toolbox template files so large?

Question asked by Ryan Arnold on Sep 15, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2014 by Jody Stiles

I am working on implementing 2013 SolidWorks toolbox.  We are storing and managing the toolbox in ePDM and are using the 'Create Parts' option as opposed to part configurations.  As a means of creating standardized part descriptions, I am exporting the configuration data from the SW Toolbox Configurator, concatenating various standard property fields and storing the description in a custom property of type "text" (as opposed to list) then re-importing the configuration data.  After importing and saving this data in the toolbox configurator, the template file (located in browser/<Standard>/<Category>/<Part>) grows in size from 1MB to 17MB (as high as 36MB in one case).  The size of the file is directly related to the maximum possible configurations which for some of the toolbox parts has grown to very large numbers, in the range of 25,000.  Then, when a toolbox item is inserted into an assembly and an item number assigned, the new part file is just as large as the template file.  This very large file size creates general performance problems and will lead to space issues in the future.  I would expect this to happen if we were utilizing model configurations, but not when using individual parts.  Any ideas?