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How to define the polynomial on spline constructed from points imported using scanto3D

Question asked by Karthik Pingle on Sep 15, 2014

Hi all,


I have a point file which contains the points for a spline (of a spur gear). I have imported the points using the 3D to scan add on in solidworks.


Next, using the curve prep wizard, i have joined the points. Here i am facing 2 problems.


1. The curve fit option basically joins the points . Is it possible to get the polynomial used by solidworks to fit the points?? This is intresting for me as i need to decide which polynomial order fits the points best and also to decide the optimal no. of points that i need to use.


2. Is it possible to calculate the deviation of the spline (created by the curve fit wizard) from the actual points??


Awaiting for your suggestions. Thanks