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Hardware Performance - What Hardware affects "Verification on Rebuild"

Question asked by Greg Rupp on Sep 15, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2014 by Jerry Steiger

So I've done a study using 4 of our most common computers and quickly learned that "Verification on Rebuild" makes a huge difference on performance (way more than I thought). That said, I'm trying to figure out what part(s) of the computer are making the biggest difference. I know it's function of CPU and not GPU, but How do I tell if it's taking advantage of multiple cores?  My test Tells me the slower Quad core beats out the dual core any day when rebuilding parts.



Model NameCPU
RAMHDRebuild with Verification Time (Sec)Rebuild with Verification Time (Min)Simple Rebuild (sec)
Dell M4800I7-4900MQ 2.8ghzNvidia Quadro K2100Mw/2GB GDDR516 GB250 GB ssd231.683.8623
Dell e6440I7-4600M 2.9ghz

AMD Radeon HD 8690M Graphics 2GB GDDR5

8 GB500 GB ssd316.95.2829

** Part tested was a complex, multi-surface, multi-body part (40 MB) **


Computer build reference:


I'm finding that these articles are missing some important aspects of day-to-day solidworks use... that being rebuild!



I'd love to hear your thoughts / experiences!