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    Reg dimension in drawing

    Sabari Vijayan

      Please find the attachement.How to set a distance between parenthesis and dimension line.some gap is available.How to set that by default

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          Rohit Choudhary

          Hi Sabari,

          The dimension which has some gap between the dimension line and the parenthesis, has been probably done by manually typing the parenthesis along with the dimension; Whereas by default the parenthesis is attached to the dimension line.

          The requirement that you have is a workaround and it is not possible to set this as default. There is no option in the setting as such.

          One possibility I could see is that, you can create a macro which asks the user for the dimensions that are to be placed with parenthesis, and then on selection, the dimensions are simply placed in the parenthesis.

          It would be advisable to run the macro after detailing the entire drawing with dimensions void of parenthesis.