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nonlinear static simulation example

Question asked by Magnum So on Sep 15, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2014 by Jared Conway

Hi all, it is my first time to do a nonlinear simulation. I have read some tutorials and make a trial now. Welcome to comment.

The target of this simulation is to simulate the max.force which this model joint position may withstand before tensile stress is reached.


(Step 1)

Study: nonlinear (static)



(Step 2)

Material: AISI 1015 steel (tensile stress is 385MPa)

Model type: Plasticity – von Mises (I have checked its stress vs strain curve)



(Step 3)

Fixture: 1. fixed geometry at small pipe end

             2. fixed on cylindrical faces (radial translation = 0mm)



(Step 4)

Properties: I have read some tutorials but still not familiar with this part, so just apply default setting


(Step 5) Result

mesh size: default

stress: ~385MPa

displacement: 3mm in UZ direction



So, 28000N external force pushes the model to deform 3mm and reach the tensile stress at the joint position.

I am doubted that the result is not reasonable. If the tensile stress is reached, the model should tend to break, but 3mm displacement is very small and unlikely cause any breaking in the reality.

Do I make any mistake in the nonlinear simulation step?. I have tried to adjust the setting of stepping option but the result is similar.