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Solidworks electrical issue editing various attributes/properties, flickering text, right to left, update

Question asked by Kyle Balling on Sep 15, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2014 by Kyle Balling

I'm having a serious issue using SW Electrical. I get odd behavior with many fields for various object properties.


For example, I added some text on a drawing. If I right click on the object and select "Properties," a dialog window pops up with the items properties like color, layer, location, size, etc. Some of those fields work correctly, e.g. selecting a color (it opens a color picker dialog), but I cannot edit any of the text fields. I first noticed this trying to edit the X,Y coordinates of the text. I place my cursor in the text field and then the text begins to flicker. I cannot type in any text and I cannot exit the dialog or click on anything else in SW electrical. I have to Alt + Tab to a different application and then switch back to take the focus off the original dialog, then close it. My theory is that there is something wrong with the updating of the text. I've programmed MS Access applications before and there is an interrupt associated with each field. It seems that when I place my cursor in the text field, it begins updating before I modify the field in some sort of really short repeating loop.


I've seen the same phenomenon while editing reports. All the of the fields in the reports "Layout" tab do this only slightly different. I was trying to change the size of the table. I put the cursor in the field and it starts flickering and I can't backspace or delete, but I can insert characters. Strangely, if I type "." it resets the field to 0 and then I can backspace. The problem is that now I can only use whole numbers. E.g. If I try to change a field from 2.5 to 1.25,  I type 1 and get 12.5, then type "." and get "0" and then type "2" and get "20" and type "5" and get "520" as the final value. It's like every time I type a character, it updates and moves my cursor to the left. I can only insert characters on the left.


I have been the Guinea pig for our department to decide if we should all start using SW electrical, but if I can't get this resolved, we will not make the switch and I can't recommend the software at this point.