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Additional files for student download?

Question asked by Tyler Broder on Sep 13, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2016 by Guest

Hi everyone,


I've been trying to install the student download of SW but keep getting a message that additional files need to be installed.


These are the files: CheckForUpdates_sldCheckForUpdates.exe, swcomposerplayer.exe, flowsimulation.exe, eDrawings.exe, swexplorer.exe, VCRedist_vcredist_x86.exe, VCRedist_vcredist_x64.exe, VBA_vba71.exe, VBA_vba71_1033.exe, VBA_vba71-kb2783832-x64.exe, solidworkscore1of2.exe, solidworkscore2of2.exe, plastics.exe, swactwiz.exe, Toolbox_ansi_inch.exe, Toolbox_ansi_metric.exe, Toolbox_as.exe, Toolbox_bsi.exe, Toolbox_cisc.exe, Toolbox_din.exe, Toolbox_gb.exe, Toolbox_is.exe, Toolbox_iso.exe, Toolbox_jis.exe, Toolbox_ks.exe, Toolbox_mil.exe, Toolbox_pem_inch.exe, Toolbox_pem_metric.exe, Toolbox_skf.exe, Toolbox_torrington_inch.exe, Toolbox_torrington_metric.exe, Toolbox_truarc.exe and Toolbox_unistrut.exe



I'm not sure what to do from here because I don't know how to download these files. Can someone help? Thanks!