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Shortcuts for setting horizontal and vertical sketch relationships?

Question asked by Steve Krause on Sep 13, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2014 by Chetan Kumar

In the hole wizard I am placing holes and then dimensioning distances.  I use mouse gestures for pulling up the dimension tool.  Put when I want to set relationships between points I have to Control Click on multiple points (or window select) and then the Add Relations window pops up in Properties window to the left and then I move the mouse over to select vertical or horizontal.  I notice that there is underscoring on the V and H choices but I don't know what key combination can be used rather than using the mouse to select the words.  Is there a faster way to select those?


It might be nice to have them in the sketch mouse gestures but I don't think they are an available choice.   Currently I have a four quadrant mouse gesture with the dimension tool, the line tool, the centerline tool, and a circle tool.