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    Dangling dimensions in a drawing crashing Solidworks

    Andrew Wylam

      Has any one had a problem with solidworks crashing  when try to re attach dangling dimensions 

      in a drawing  i think they are driven dimensions cant seem to re attach them in the drawing  is the only way to remove and add new dimensions


      i think i am revising a detail in the module and then ending up with some  dangling dimensions

      they may be  driven dimensions not sure but i have no way to edit dimensions when i click on them

      ie no little red blocks if i try to move the dimension it crashes the program



      Thanks Andrew   

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          Rushabh Shah

          Hi Andrew,

          probably cause of your problem is not with 're-attaching dangling dimension', but in my short experience of solidworks, i can say, sometimes, solidworks files (part, assembly or drawing) gets corrupted, at some stage resulting into crashing of solidworks. No matter which command you use in solidworks, as i have experienced during many files.

          - Major consistent problem which i have faced, is during handling of IGES files, even it crashes during opening !

          - My solution, IMHO, dont waste time in correcting that file. Simply make new drawing file (dont copy & paste your corrupted file, simply new file from scratch).

          - Good luck

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            Jerry Steiger



            I've never had SW crash when I tried to re-attach dimensions. There are lots of reasons why SW might crash. Rushabh may be right, but I haven't seen that many corrupted files. I would be more suspicious of a graphics card problem. Are you using a supported graphics card with the approved driver? Have you been working for a long time without rebooting or have you worked on a large number of different drawings or models without rebooting?


            You know that the dimensions are dangling because they show up in the sickly greenish yellow color?


            Not being able to edit the dimensions may indicate that they are driving dimensions and that your options are not set up to allow you to edit them in the drawing. On the other hand, it may well be that SW won't allow anyone to edit a dimension that is dangling. (What would it mean to change the value when it is not attached to anything?)


            Sometimes I can re-attach dangling dimensions. Sometimes I can't. The only consistency I have noticed is that I need to re-attach to the same type of entity as the dimension was originally attached to; if the end of the dimension was attached to a line, then I need to pick a line; if it was attached to a point, then I need to pick a point.


            Jerry S.