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    Step file viewer

    David Boydston


      I am the mechanical engineer at my company and basically the one that mostly (98%) of the time uses Solidworks.


      However, Some of our clients communicate with our sales department/electrical engineering. They have problems viewing step files, they've tried eDrawings but it doesnt seem to show dimensions.


      So, the question is:


      Anyone know a free step file viewer that shows dimensions? or is it possible to see dimensions in eDrawings?

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          Jeff Mirisola

          eDrawings won't open .step files. The best bet is to have you open and save them as a SolidWorks file that can then be opened in eDrawings. However, it would be a 3D solid so your sales & electrical departments would have to use the measure tool to get their dimensions.

          If they just need dimensioned drawings, your clients should send pdf's or dxf's of the drawings. 

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            Brian Titus

            One option would be to add 3d Annotations to the model and save-as eDrawings.  SolidWorks supports the ASME Y14.41-2003 standard.  These 3D annotations are visible in eDrawings.  You can also enable the measure tool (as Jeff mentioend) so that end users can measure anything you didn't explicitly dimension.