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SolidWorks programmers configurations

Question asked by Brian Hoerner on Mar 27, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2007 by Brian Hoerner
I keep hearing, get the best processor, best ram, best certified graphics cards etc so that SW is more stable. But a gig of ram is not necessarily a gig of ram.

That in itself is nice, but does not get into the large varieties of Ram or processor etc. types that are out there. For example, one can buy a gig of ram for under $100.00 us currency, but how does that ram actually pair up with what the programmers are using for testing. Which begs the question of what types of systems, exactly, are the programmers testing with? What kind of mother board, what kind of graphics board (and just saying Nvidia Quattro whatever doesn't get it), what is the quality of the graphics board, i.e. who manufactures what SW is using, so how many layers thick is the board...etc for all HW used by SW programmers. Another example is MB, is it a $100.00 MB or is it a $500.00 MB, more layers, more heat control, etc etc etc

All of these things effect the totality of how a workstation will be stable running any programs. It is easy to say by the best of what you can afford, but it may not still be equal to what the SW company is using. Is this information available? Is SW willing to share what they are using to test/program SW?

Just wondering, this could go on and on so I cut it short just to see if SW is listening, or if anyone has similar thoughts.

BTW, these are questions I ask of every CAD vendor I have ever dealt with, and have had about the same response, next to none.