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Using VBA to output BOM table

Question asked by Jeremy Knibb on Sep 12, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2014 by Jesse Seger


I am new to SolidWorks but working with a designer who knows the product well. I'm working on a way to export data from SW into an ERP system.


I need to export the custom properties for each part in an assembly to a csv we but need to be able to manipulate the data as its being written to the csv file.

For example one of the properties is Class with values such as "SH - Steel Section" and I need to just take the first 2 characters "SH"

I also need to add in additional text strings that the ERP system needs.


I've seen the macros that export a BOM table to csv or .xls but I need to process the parts in the BOM one part at a time not ss a single table


In summary I want to:

  • interrogate each line at a time
  • determine what kind of part it is
  • apply some data manipulation to the various properties, add in string data etc
  • then write that line to the csv


Any help much appreciated