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Failure to Download, Customer Portal not recognizing product registration

Question asked by Gary Hendrick on Sep 12, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2014 by Gary Hendrick

From the Solidworks Customer Portal, I use the "register my products"

link, I enter the serial number, then choose SolidWorks 2014 as the

product type, the site tells me that the product is registered. Then, I

am returned to the "Quick Links" portion of the Solidworks Customer

Portal and I till have locks all over the thing. At the top of the page,

I get :

Active subscription service contract required for full access.



At the bottom of the page, I get :

Product registration required for full access
Access to certain features of this site requires product registration and an active commercial subscription service contract.


To get full access, click Register My Products and register your products.
       For a complete listing of the benefits, or to renew or purchase Subscription Service, click here



I'm a new customer, having just purchased a standard license. I expect a download to go off without a hitch. It's been 40+ hours since my purchase. I was told yesterday, that the registration servers may need some time to square me away, and that after restarting today at 9AM, they'll probably be working, but I don't see any improvement. The site seems to know my serial number, I think we're looking at a glitch.


Thanks for your attention,