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What is the very best computer for running Solidworks 2012 sp4

Question asked by Juanmanuel Pelayo on Sep 12, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2014 by Brian McEwen

Hi everyone


Normally I work large assemblies and a lot of detail drawings, sometimes renderings for marketing and have been used the same computer since 2012


running solidworks 2012 SP4 and these days my system is very slow and feel so bad because I am the only drafter in the company and I am behind in production,


so the company is wiling to buy a new system, they just want me to assure which is the very best one,


this is my current system


I am using SW12 sp4


PROCESSOR  intel (R) Core (tm) i7 CPU

950 @ 3.07 Ghz 3.07 Ghz

installed memory 14 GB

system type 64 bit




am I missing something?


Can anybody tell me what is the very best BRANDED computer with specifications to smoothly run Solidworks 2012 sp?


Thanks and best regards