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Can we apply more custom properties to parts at assembly level, just like "Component Reference"

Question asked by Poorvesh Mistry on Sep 11, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2015 by Danny Bradford

Hello SolidWorks users / members,


Let me first explain you my intention, we have a big list of standard parts that we use for designing, we especially focus on Routing.

We use SolidWorks library components, but those are not applied with materials. We used about four material like Staniless steel 304, Staniless steel 316, Staniless steel 304L, Staniless steel 316L.

So we do not wish to create duplicate parts or configurations for materials especially & then experimenting with existing routing database.

So just for material we wish to have an easy work around.

In our assembly we can have mix of material, can have many instances of a specific configuration of components with different material, like in our assembly there could be four 2inch flange & all could be of different material. So we thought that it would be best to apply some custom property to parts at assembly level, just like "Component Reference" which could be populated in BOM.


Just like we can have "$prp@Custom property xyz" column in a design table for a part & define different values for all configurations, is it possible to do for parts at assembly level (in assembly design table) ?


Similar to this we need to have a column in BOM for "MTR" (Material Test Report) again this could be a unique for all instances of same configuration of a part.


Hoping for a solution or at least a work around.