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Toggle all hole wizard threads between Costmetic Thread and Remove Thread

Question asked by Jamil Snead on Sep 11, 2014

Usually when I use hole wizard I like to have cosmetic threads, but when I do interference detection in an assembly the threads of the screw interfere with the hole, so I spend a lot of time ignoring those interferences. However this is dangerous because even if the screw lines up with the hole, the threads might not actually be deep enough. This is where using Remove Thread in hole wizard would be perfect. I think it would be incredibly useful if you could temporarily change all hole wizard threads to Remove Thread type so that you could examine the model or run interference detection, then change them all back to Cosmetic (or just Tap drill diameter if someone prefers that).


Is there a way to do this already? I do not want to just use Remove Thread all the time because it doesn't look right on prints and the CAD models will be wrong (someone might machine out the thread OD). If this is not possible I will submit an ER.