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2007 SW Configuration and BOM problems

Question asked by Andy Lambert on Sep 11, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2014 by Andy Lambert

I have been having trouble with a generated BOM showing Configuration names for certain common parts that do not require a shop print.


Example,.... the 1.5" SQ TUBE part has over 200 Configurations where the only difference is the length of the tube.  So when I make an assembly that uses a certain length of 1.5" SQ Tube I grab that part file and use the proper configuration length needed in my assembly.  Then when I put it on paper and generate a BOM,... the content of the BOM only states 1.5" SQ TUBE and does not show the configuration length and I always have to go inside the BOM table and manually adjust it.


What am I doing wrong that I need to over ride the generated BOM to show the configuration length of these 1.5" SQ Tubes?

Most of the time the same tube is used multiple times with different lengths.  But still the generated BOM only shows 1.5" SQ TUBE and does not show a configuration length.


Someone please inform me of what step I am missing to correct this issue.


Thank you,



Andy Lambert


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