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simulation problems - when duplicating a study, problems with mesh

Question asked by Tanya Snyder on Sep 11, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2014 by Jared Conway

I am running a series of transient thermal simulations using 2d simplification.  I will run one study, and duplicate it. I then use the end results of the initial study as the initial conditions for the duplicated study, I change the thermal loads, and then I run the second study.  Next I repeat this process, duplicating the second study to create a 3rd study, using the end results of the second study as the initial conditions for the 3rd study, changing the thermal load, and running it.   I continue this for multiple iterations (as many as 10 or 15).


Generally this works for me, but occasionally, I am running into a problem that I don't understand.  Sometimes, when I duplicate a study, I get an error message on the mesh which says


"Mesh information is not current. Model might have been updated or mesh element size/tolerance was modified".


However, at this point, there is nothing that I have changed, I've simply duplicated the study.  The previous study ran just fine, I duplicate it, and the duplicate has a bad mesh.  In addition, I see that on some of the parts in my assembly, in the duplicate, the material properties are no longer assigned.


In 3d simulations, I've been able to copy the mesh from one study to another by dragging and dropping it, but in the 2d simulation, I can't seem to do that - I get a red circle with a slash through it on my cursor as I try to drag the mesh.


If anyone has any suggestions about why I  might be getting this error, I'd appreciate it.  The studies that I am doing take quite a bit of time, and when this error happens, I'm pretty much at a dead end since I need the same mesh to apply the initial conditions.   Which means I have to start all over again.