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FloWorks breadmaker simulation can anyone help me get started?

Question asked by Duncan Gravills on Mar 27, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2007 by Robin Boudreault
I am trying to learn how to model the heat transfer from a heatingelement by convection to the air in a breadmaker and then how theair flows around the baking chamber from being heated and then howthe circulating air transfers the heat to the bread compartment andto the outer wall.

Here is a picture of....

the outer wall - i have assigned this a material property of plaincarbon steel in the main solidworks environment.

The bread compartment - i have assigned this a property ofaluminum

The base - i have assigned this plain carbon steel


Here is a link to the picture incase you can not see it.

This is a picture with the outer wall in wire frame, you can seethe heating element at the bottom, it has been assigned a materialproperty of copper


Here is a link to the picture incase you can not see it.

And here is another picture from a different angle.
this model is very simple there are no fixings on the heatingelement it is just suspended in the air. and there is currently nolid although there will be a lid eventually.


Here is a link to the picture incase you can not see it.

i want to model heat being transferred by convection to the airaround it and then onto the bread compartment and the outer walland find out how much heat is going into the bread compartment andhow much is being lost through the outer wall and find out howefficient the baking chamber is.

do i need to model some of this analysis in cosmosworks or can itall be done in floworks? what do i need to do and how do i do it? iam totally new to cosmosworks and floworks so any advice,instruction and guidance you can give me would be reallyappreciated.