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Rename parts directly from assembly tree

Discussion created by Oleg Bezyaev on Sep 11, 2014
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The company announced in Solidworks 2015 version renaming parts directly from the assembly tree. I have been waiting a very long time this option. But... looks like I do not see it in a new version of Solidworks. I'm tired of waiting and I decided to do it himself.


Features and limitations:

- Renaming parts of assemblies directly from the Solidworks design tree.

- If part or assembly presesent at different subassemblies, the parts of the subassemblies is not renamed.

- The program does not work with virtual items. It just does not make sense.

- Before renaming the program checks access to rename the file and record.

- Items marked Toolbox will not be processed.

- Currently only supported 2014 Solidworks.

- If drawing file present in folder he will also be updated. (option)


To install the add-on, run Install.bat

To uninstall, run Uninstall.bat


Page to download (Скачать)