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    SW2014: Exporting Camera/Perspective Views as Vectors

    Kevin Kellar

      This worked in prior revisions of Solidworks, but I cannot get it to work in 2014, SP4.0

      I am trying to provide a perspective view of our product to a graphic designer who is doing our box artwork.

      This should be in vector format, preferably PDF or AI.


      In the past, I was able to define a camera view in the assembly, plunk that down on a drawing, and export the AI or PDF.

      Trying it for the first time in 2014, and the named view in the drawing is a completely different angle, off by at least 30 degrees!

      If I try to export a PDF or AI file from the assembly (while in the named camera view OR a perspective view), I get raster images (PDF) or

      I get an empty file, OR I sometimes don't even get a file generated (this is especially weird in that it does not kick back an error message like "Failed to create file".


      How do I get a clean vector file of a named camera view of an assembly?


      Many thanks to the community!

      Kevin Kellar, Lifesize Communications