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Question asked by Ryan Politowski on Sep 9, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2014 by Jeff Mirisola

so can anyone please explain to me why the appearances and colors and textures seem to be a mystery?? all i want to do is designate a material a color and a texture/surface finish. why does it seem so hard. so when i make a part i typically give it a cold rolled steel material, then when i have everything in my assembly i then usually change it to the correct color if needed. but one thing i noticed as soon as i change the color it makes it a glossy finish and ignores the matte finish of the cold rolled steel. so i end up with a machine that looks like it was polished from head to toe!! also on the side bar on the appearances tab it lets you choose from a material there as well, what is that for? actual material or just how those look, but then ive tried that and then it changes the color, so since i dont have my colors saved yet i will copy and paste from another part, but that other part is glossy so i just seem to be going in circles with this stuff. why cant i just tell SW i want this material, color and finish all in the same area! i feel it must be easier than this. all of our paints are like an industrial look with no clear coat so its never shiney, im just curious how to achieve that look easily. can anyone lend a hand please and thank you.



so the one image is a quick rendering of a machine with pretty much no paint and the cold rolled steel look wish is pretty much shine free when the light hits it, the other one however is with color added and is super shiney in all areas. i would love to know how to fix this.