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3D modelisation of harness

Question asked by Patrice Genesse on Mar 26, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2007 by Patrice Genesse
I am a SolidWorks user since more than one year and actually Ievaluate SW Routing to make electric harnesses. To help me in myevaluation, I would have some questions for Top Gun users...

Let us suppose that I would like to make with Routing a harnesshaving a connector and a multi conductors cable as on the picture harness.jpg attached.  The result can resemble thepicture harness2.jpg.

With a connector which has openings for each one of theseterminals, does it is possible to configure this connector so thatthe wire which come from a terminal pass by the opening of thisterminal (and not by Cpoint)? Or can I make a part withmultiple Cpoint (for each terminal)?

If I use a multi conductors cable, is this possible to determinethe length of insulation opening and to model the whole uncoverwires?

Is this possible to model the heat shrink tube?