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Feature failed to rebuild after CTRL+Q

Question asked by Kevin De Smet on Sep 9, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2014 by Jerry Steiger

When I create a Boundary Surface the feature fails to rebuild after hitting CTRL+Q. Since I'm not changing anything to the model--and the feature works the first time around. I am stumped for an answer!

Anybody have any suggestions or ideas? The release is Solidworks 2014 SP4.0


UPDATE: When I export the model as a Parasolid and import it back in. Then create the new Boundary surface the feature stays intact.

This leads me to believe the regeneration of earlier features (such as Split Lines and Trim Surfaces) are causing the edge ID's to change, and make the subsequent features go haywire.

I'll stick to the workaround of exporting the model when features start failing, I guess...


1. Start a new Boundary Surface


2. Right-click and use the SelectionManager to grab multiple edges


3. Get the first Group into the Selection 1 box


4. Right-click for the SelectionManager a second time


5. See the interactive preview for the surface appear


6. Drag the second group's left connector to limit the surface


7. Assign Tangency to Face boundary constraints to both edge groups


8. Accept the feature with the Green check


9. Press CTRL+Q and the Boundary feature just created fails to rebuild


10. The result is loneliness, with a dash of desperation