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Revision Scheme Help?

Question asked by Craig Schwartz on Sep 9, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2014 by Craig Schwartz

I'm having some problems setting the revision scheme to how we'd like it. It is currently set that when a product is initially developed it can be checked in on the primary revision of A - Z, when the product is ready to be released it goes to the secondary revision scheme which is numeric. However if issue 01 needs further work we can set it back to WIP and it can be checked in with a working copy symbol ( + in our case). However, every time any work is done to a previously released product and checked in at the next working copy it always overwrites the pre-checked in working copy, so you check in the modified 01 at 01+ then if you work on it and check it in again it stays at 01+ overwriting the existing 01+ etc. till it is released at the next numeric revision i.e. 02.


What I'd like to achieve is:

Prototytpe/Concept work to be checked in at alpha ( A - Z)

Released Product at a Numeric value (01-99)

Updates to released products to be checked in at Numeric Alpha (i.e. 01-A, 01-B)

until ready for next release where it will go to 02.


I can get close but just can't get to get it to do exactly what I'm after. Any help greatly appreciated.