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How do you thicken a convex boundary surface?

Question asked by Tim Hoehman on Sep 8, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2014 by Eric Irwin

I'm trying to get a thicken operation to work on this surface model.  I can

thicken the aft and forward lofts but my problem comes with the convex boundary

surface.  I have played with various settings on this boundary surface but can't

get it to thicken to the outside.  As it sits, I can get it to thicken to the

inside, .02 inches.  I have knitted all three surfaces together and nothing

seems to help.  Any help on thickening a convex boundary surface?  Or otherwise

changing my modeling style to achieve the same intent?  I even thought it might

be possible to model the boundary surface as a solid but the geometry is not as



Note:  I loaded this part file in 2012 but can read any version

up to 2014.